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3 Ways to get your kids to eat FRUITS!

Kids eating fruits

l love fruits. Living in the tropics gives you every opportunity to pick your self one (or 5 as in my case) of the many varieties available. Papayas, oranges, tangerines, and mangoes (yum!). Though we have ‘seasonal’ fruits, any season fruit is good fruit. I do not complain. I literally just finished off my papaya explosion (see pic above) for breakfast. Which brings me to my topic for this post. How do we get our kids to eat fruits? Well ,I have 3 tried and true ways of getting your kids to eat fruits. One is exactly like the picture above.

  1. Dress up your fruits!

Much like the breakfast pic that inspired this post I dressed up the papaya. Why serve plain papaya when papaya explosion looks much more appealing. I cubed some papaya, placed them in a bowl and added colors. I love colors in my food. It’s aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Wink, wink. I  sprinkled some flax and chia seeds then showered it with freshly shredded coconut. It totally looked like snow, I promise. I served this up to my daughter and before she could get out ‘what’s that black stuff’ I said “Try it, it’s really good”. She is so used to this she just took the bowl.

Success! Judging by the smile and look of utter bliss. But papaya is really delicious. Now the banana that you see in the picture, I knew there was no way my daughter was eating that. Even as a baby she wouldn’t touch the stuff. You know those Gerber baby jarred fruits. Well, I ate it. Don’t judge me, you know you enjoyed eating those jarred fruits. Now those veggies… no comment.

Kids will love fruits to fruit smoothie


  1. Disguise the fruits.

For me, I like to disguise my fruits in a yummy smoothie; breakfast and lunch, check out Pinterest there are loads of ways to whip up a smoothie. The green ones too. Sooo much better than those jarred veggies. So, because my daughter does not eat bananas, she doesn’t like to smell them guys, I, as the super health conscious mom that I am, disguise’ my fruit in a smoothie. Yep it’s deception plain and simple. Smoothies can be made without the bananas but why. Bananas make smoothies creamy. Mixing up bananas, mangoes and strawberries with almond milk and a splash of vanilla (to mask the smell) 😊 and viola! You’ve got yourself a delicious, healthy, fruit smoothie that even my banana-hating child will drink.

fruit desserts


  1. Fruits and Desserts!

Oh, my goodness! Need I say more? Fruits and chocolate, fruits and nuts, fruit pies, fruit parfait, frozen fruit pops and let’s not forget fruit and yogurt. Keeping it healthy people. Pinterest! because there’s tons of recipes for desserts. Oh yeah and fruit desserts. Creating a dessert with fruits is definitely a way to get your kids to eat fruits. Of course, we want to watch the sugar content but this is dessert. Make a fruit pizza where the ‘sauce’ is yogurt on a cookie dough crust. (sigh)Oh joy! Don’t forget to use colors. Lots of them and put them in a circle. Remember we can always find a ‘teachable moment’. What? Colors, shapes, fractions (it’s a pizza). All part of a well-rounded education. 🙂

Enjoy making these with your children; they would absolutely love it.  Another ‘healthy’ way is fruit and granola. And if you have a banana-loving child (unlike mine) try frozen bananas dipped in chocolate rolled in almonds or sprinkles or caramel. Wow! I need to stop. This is for the kids.

How do you get your kids to eat fruits?

Happy teaching and learning


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