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Summer Bucket List 2017 – Kids Edition!

 Summer bucket list post

Discover the Different

It’s June! Are you ready for the summer? (football season theme song). I know I am and based on the raised noise levels in my class so are my students. Are you ready parents?


To calm the storm, in my classroom, I’ve taken extra steps to ensure my students are engaged ALWAYS. If you want to hold on to your sanity. One afternoon, for a writing activity, I asked the students to write down 10 things they would like to experience this summer. We talked briefly about the plot of the movie “The Bucket List” and then furthered our discussion on understanding what is means to discover the different and even better to document it. I asked how can we document our experiences this summer; and though most of my students checked out mentally sometime in April some were still holding on and offered “by writing it down and taking pictures”. This of course was a welcome surprise. TaDa…

Summer Bucket List-Kids Edition!

Their list included some fantastic events from a beach barbecue party to visiting some wondrous places like the Outer Banks in North Carolina, which they were going to and I secretly envied. I looked it up, totally adding that to my bucket list. The activities, events, and places were great and while some would raise some eyebrows, the rest were super awesome and would indelibly leave memories to last a lifetime.  Let’s get to that summer bucket list kids remix.

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summer water gun fight


Water Gun Fight

Who doesn’t love a good water gun fight? Kids will love playing with water guns during the summer. I’ve had 5 well 6 if you count the extra one I tried to hide behind a tree during one of our family take downs. (Fun family time) Get the family together, create teams, get outside and enjoy some water fun. But be forewarned you will get completely soaked and therein lies the summer fun.

Summer Camping Outdoors


Camp Outside

Camping in the summer outside can be done in the park, somewhere where it takes more than an hour to get there or you can just as easily set up a tent in their backyard or rock a sheet with some PVC piping; check out Pinterest, it’s awesome.  Now grab a flashlight and tell some ghost stories! Do a little barbecuing outdoors and we got ourselves a super summer memory.

summer star gazing

Summer Stargazing

Now I know how this sounds and no you’re not just staring up at a bunch of stars (crickets) OK so that’s part of it but stargazing can be rewarding and educational! (hey I’m a teacher). I mean there’s a whole universe out there. Stargazing can turn into a family fun activity. View the planets and constellations either late at night or very early at dawn. Watch an early morning meteor shower. Another one of my favorites, tracking the moon phases. All part of an amateur astronomers’ to do list.

Summer outdoor movie

Summertime Outdoor Movie

You can search of an outdoor movie facility in your area, it is simply one of the best experiences I have had with my children. Or you can DIY it. Gather up a white sheet for the screen,  the production control center (laptop), and a projector for big screen time. Take all these supplies and set them up in your backyard. The kids will never forget this summer night.

Make Homemade Ice Cream

What’s one of the best ways to cool off in the summer? A delicious, creamy, melting down the sides of the cone ice cream. And it’s totally not as complicated as it sounds. My favorite Jamoca Almond Fudge with the smooth fudge and crunchy almonds. Oh Yumm! But this is about the kids so grab toppings such as nuts, waffle cone pieces, chocolate chips, gummy bears, and pieces of fruit (let’s keep it healthy please). Don’t forget some cream, milk, vanilla extract and only add sugar if you want to. I usually add some fruit such as bananas, mangoes, strawberries to keep the sugar count down. Check out Pinterest; there’s enough recipes for the whole summer.


Summer time Smores

This traditional treat is not just for camping. You can enjoy smores anytime. Stuffing oneself with chocolate, Summertime Smoresmarshmallows, and graham crackers what’s not to love. Throw a bonfire together and we’re looking at some serious bonding time for the family and friends. I have some great bonfire, smore-making memories.


Picnic with Friends

When was the last time you went on a picnic? What about the kids? Video games, smart phones, and tablets seem to be the order of the day. I remember going on picnics quite a bit when I was younger especially during the summer. Family members and friends would bring food and games and sheets or blankets whatever you can throw in a bag. This is a great experience for the kids. Send out invitations, help prepare the food and pick out a spot.


Kids love an adventure. Rappelling is definitely something to put on your bucket list. Rappelling is rock climbing in reverse. At least that is my interpretation. Rappelling, meaning to ‘rope down’, is an awesome activity where you control your descent of a vertical drop. Some parental precaution here because you are literally scaling down the face of a very tall rock wall. It’s a super memorable activity your kids will love; check out this video. So, who’s up for an adventure?

Rappelling in the summer


Paint the Summer Sunset

Indulge the creative side of your children with some oil paints, a canvas, and a beautiful sunset. Tap into those skills that many not have been engaged during the school year.

Make a Time Capsule

This is a classic. Why not reintroduce this blast from the past to kids of this generation? Kids can collect and create mementos of their life with pictures, letters, special gifts, or just about anything that can fit into their capsule of choice. They can choose from a shoe box or a plastic bottle. The summer is always full of memories; a time capsule is the perfect way to freeze that and many other moments in time.


Here are some other great activities for your Summer Bucket List 2017, Kids Edition!

-Visit a National Park

-Dance in the Rain (I have done this one with my kids. They thought it was super weird but they still remember it and isn’t that the whole point). Bonus 😊

-Go white water rafting

-Have a bubble blowing contest (the big ones we’re not amateurs!) 😉

-Ride the scariest roller coaster you can find.

-Build a swing and hang it from a tree in the backyard

-Design, build, and fly a kite.

-Go hiking and discover the different insect or animal species.

-Make a Pizza… from scratch!

And….. take lots of pictures and Make an Album of your all your experiences from Summer 2017!


What’s on your summer bucket list? If you try any of these suggestions I would love to hear about it.


Happy teaching and learning!


Check these activities your kids can do at home with family and friends!


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