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The Power of Yoga for Kids

The Power of Yoga

Hey Creative Thinkers!

What do you think of Yoga? For your kids? Well school’s over (for now anyway) and the adrenaline that was sustaining our children during school has thankfully drained out. But they are mentally, emotionally, and physically exhausted.

The Need for Unnatural Craziness

As a teacher-mom I have had firsthand experience with the anxiety that rises to proportions so high I’ve had students vomit, or cry or flat out refuse to take the exams on the day of the exam! The months leading up to this were just as bad. The pressure! I have left my children burning the midnight oil making all attempts to pass their exams.

Of course, we should know this is an unhealthy practice on all fronts! Finally,in rolls June and the students are completely burnt out.

Boy needs Yoga

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Yoga Inspired

In my own journey to living a more focused and peaceful existence I turned to yoga. One afternoon I was scrolling through YouTube and uncovered a gem, Boho Beautiful  check out the video. In addition to the slow lessons to the poses in yoga and moved into the meditation videos that was available as well. Seriously guys I loved it! And while the poses required some stretching of muscles I had long ignored due to the close to sedentary lifestyle of teaching and mom duties, they felt wonderful.Over the next few months I continued to practice yoga. When I did the poses in the morning, I literally felt relaxed and energized simultaneously.

Kid Yoga

Then next morning I introduced my children to yoga. My son took to the practice. I think more so because it helped stretch those muscles he used during his intense soccer training sessions. My youngest daughter… well I’m working on her. I’m hoping to be great model and she will join in at some point.

Yoga Meditating


Body Benefits of Yoga

While there are many physical benefits of yoga for our younger counterparts such as flexibility, strength, and coordination there are also mental and emotional benefits as well.

Breathe in Peaceful Reflections

The breathing exercises alone is an excellent benefit for our over stressed kids. Learning to calm your mind and focus on your breathing takes a level of mindfulness. Many of our children have not mastered or practiced. They are over stimulated. So, having them remain still and just breathe takes practice, practice, practice.  This practice during the stressful days of school time and the overwhelming study sessions during exams comes in very handy.

The breathing exercises is a great relaxation technique for peaceful reflections. A study at the Harvard Medical School showed yoga as a beneficial activity to support mental health in children. Here’s an article that discusses the benefits for yoga for kids.

Yoga Peaceful Reflections

Yoga Equals Downtime

Breaks throughout the school year are welcomed. However, the breaks for our kids involve some form of activity. Camp, sports, family visits and other time sucking activities that are most times a necessity (working parents) they stimulate. Making downtime nonexistent. Yoga is downtime.

So, when summertime arrives we, as parents, want to try to give our kids downtime.While we still have to schedule activities for our kids (working parents); we want to teach our kids how to calm their minds and learn to center themselves. Yoga offers the opportunity to learn patience and practice discipline. Both equally excellent tools needed for school.  Grab a mat and you too, a towel, water and this awesome video to get started. I promise you won’t regret it.

Educational benefits of Yoga

  1. Enhances concentration
  2. Teaches mindfulness
  3. Increases self-esteem
  4. Cultivates self-awareness
  5. Gives tools for stress management
  6. Allows for increased flexibility
  7. Strengthens growing bodies
  8. Cultivates a peaceful mind
  9. Teaches self-acceptance
  10. Supports mental health


Have you ever tried yoga? Do you think your kids would enjoy practicing yoga? Let me know I would love to hear about your experiences.

Happy teaching and learning

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