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Meet the Teacher

Hello, I’m Genevieve, I am mom, teacher, and a blogger. I have taught for 15 years in the classroom. The “teachable moments” for me is creating lesson plans that are actionable and meaningful. Every school year I try to engage my students by assigning a project as often as I can. Indoor and outdoor projects that the students are willing (that’s a big one) to complete!

Bonus Benefits of Projects

Let me just share something with all of you and that is my experience with disciplinary issues with students and classroom management as a whole. During my 15 years of teaching students from grades 3 thru 12, I have experienced the gamut of disciplinary problems. While administration offered their kind of support, I was ultimately responsible for my students learning and my sanity. I discovered, through trial and error, that the less verbal teaching I did, the more productivity and engagement i.e projects, not to mention smiles by the students I got by the end of the day. I didn’t put anyone in detention and I didn’t send anyone to the ‘principal’s office’ and my sanity was in tact and ready to test another day. 🙂

Less tests, more projects
Keeping your sanity by the end of the day… bonus.

So how did I get here…

I strongly believe you gain more success in the classroom by allowing the students to learn through experience, through experimentation and investigation projects can do this. Enter this blog, I want to share all my tips, lessons, projects and tricks to get your students interested in learning again.I want to share with you, through this blog, that we as teachers don’t have to give test upon test to our students to know what they have learned.

no more testing give projects
Step out the box, reduce testing

A project can be cross curricular and can meet many standards (they will always be here) at once. Yes, I am sure all of us have given projects to our students, but how often? Have we really given projects the props it deserves?

Tools to make projects fun.
Tools to make learning come alive.

Imagine restructuring our lesson plans to include a project for reading, spelling, math, and grammar. We could probably work it into all the subjects.

So, welcome to my blog and thank you for visiting; I hope you join our community of teachers who are transforming their teaching with projects.

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Welcome to my blog!

Hi I’m Genevieve, I’m a mom, teacher, DIYer, and blogger and I believe we should live life with expression!


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